(en)large Learning is our personal development and learning platform to equip you to shine brightly and add value to whatever sphere of society you find yourself in. (en)large has 3 aspects: "Faith Essentials", "Life Skills" and "My Bible". You can join midweek (en)large sessions and workshops, meet new friends and experience a great learning environment. In the toolbox you'll find inspiring resources.

Faith Essentials

focuses on the basics of living your Christian faith. Topics include ‘Who is Jesus?’, Water baptism, prayer and more.

Life Skills

will equip you with practical skills in key areas of life such as finances, relationships, leadership, and work.

My Bible

Learn the basic framework for reading and studying your Bible in order to better understand and enjoy God’s word.


We want to provide you with resources to help you grow. Here you can find recaps of (en)large Learning Nights, Sunday messages, podcasts, book reviews and other resources.

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(en)large Learning all together with Aaron Chaudhary

19:00 | Cultivating our Faith - Part 3
Contact: Carsten

Stadtkloster Segen

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